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This website is dedicated to Ellen Wynn, courageous citizen and homeowner extraordinaire; and to Steve Richardson, for his dedication to truth, principle, and his truly illuminating book–unpublished still but acknowledged here.

The HOA System is unfair to homeowners. 

The group that says that it’s there to improve your life, actually does the opposite? 


It’s hard to swallow. It’s hard to even see. Because another narrative—Most homeowners love their HOA! The only problem is a few troublemakers who constantly complain!—has flooded the airwaves.

That narrative is not true. But it works to obscure the dark conflict at the center of HOA operations: Those things which allow HOAs to mistreat homeowners—the absence of any oversight, the absolute power of HOA boards—are the same things allowing profits to soar to the sky.

Some HOAs are run well; some, like Banana Republics. Either way, the profits roll in.

This website aims to crack open other HOA “truths”; to explain the various ways HOAs affect and harm homeowners. We start by presenting personal stories of real people who suffered real damage from their HOA.

Some of that damage is financial. Some, emotional and traumatic. Less dramatic—but central to why homeowners haven’t rebelled—is the damage done on a daily basis, as HOAs install fear in homeowner hearts and silently chip away at their ability to form true community.

“Why do you allow this?,” cried one woman to the presiding legislator at yet another HOA Town Hall. “These are our homes! This is America!”

For 25 years, Colorado citizens have been saying such things—to what turned out to be a brick wall. We stand on their shoulders. We honor their memories. We ask for their courage, as we insist that brick wall come down, and in its stead, a foundation of homeowner rights.

In hopes that this opens a long-overdue conversation, we thank you for visiting.

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