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Change occurs when the time is right—and the time, it seems, is now.

What was previously just whispered about HOAs is now publicly acknowledged, most recently in a Geico TV ad. Psychologists have emerged to warn how HOAs cause trauma. Books, blogs, websites, articles offer an HOA education—and confirm what we see in our own back yard.

Lucy Lister saw children in danger due to neglected repairs in her Aurora condo community. She followed procedure, galvanized neighbors; repairs got made! But soon after, a crew following HOA orders sawed the towering, healthy elm outside Lucy’s kitchen window down —the tree everyone knew she adored. “No one will speak up now. Not after they cut down my tree,” Lucy reports.

The pandemic ripped away a curtain. In the empty space, we saw change. We created this website for Lucy, and all of us suffering loss, fear and indignity in the one place we should feel safe: our own homes.


is behind it

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Above, bewildered homeowners at an HOA Town Hall, where the “panel of experts” offered no solutions to HOA abuse.

Because the HOA conversation has been going in circles for 25 years—with no help in sight—a small group of homeowners formed Fix Colorado HOA, LLC. We created this website to reach out, to connect and unite homeowners—something the HOA system makes exceedingly difficult. HOAs are skillful at separating those who disagree from the “main group.” No one wants to be the “outsider.” But if you believe that homeowner equality is essential, you can make homeowners the “main group” and join now.

If not us, who? If not now, when? How many lives must be ruined?


we are up against

Above, an HOA attorney convinces a roomful of people why the latest HOA bill “will ruin HOAs and homeowners, too.” 

That bill contained a process for homeowner complaints to actually get investigated, and law-breaking HOAs to receive consequences. No biggie, if you don’t break the law. But the lawyer argued against it with life-and-death vehemence. Why? 

Well, what would happen to the fortunes made by HOA attorneys if even some conflicts got resolved in dispute resolution? How would management companies’ stock prices rise if homeowners could challenge predatory practices? 

To keep revenue high, HOAs must keep regulations out!

But they can’t just say they want more money! 

Enter CAI. This group is everywhere! Doling out Helpful Hints on HOA Living; speaking at symposiums; educating new HOA board members. Acknowledged as the Expert on all things HOA, heeded as the  Educator who tells HOAs how to succeed, CAI’s proclaimed goal is “building better communities!” 

In actuality, CAI is the international lobby representing the HOA Industry. Their primary goal—like all lobbies—is to protect and grow industry profits. 

Years ago, the Community Association Institute (CAI) was in fact a well-known educational group. (Story here.) In 1992, they restructured as a trade union—but kept their old persona. As educators, they write the lines for HOA lawyers and management companies; instruct HOA boards to keep much information secret; because their primary responsibility is not to fellow homeowners.

It won’t be easy to interrupt this amazingly successful shell game.


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