And now is the time


There’s the story put out by the HOA Industry—and then there’s the truth. 

Read websitesinformational sites, blogs, essays on homeowner rights,  books and articles. Spread the word.

Above all, Follow the Money! Study your HOA Budget. Request full financials (homeowners’ legal right). Learn together.


None of us bought a home to become activists. We believed legislators when they promised to fight for homeowner protections. But for 25 years, they’ve returned with, Not possible this time, sorry! Let’s hope for next year!

It is simply clear: homeowners must lead the charge for HOA reform. Our biggest obstacle remains how HOAs divide and manipulate by pitting “good” owners against “complainers. Talk to your neighbor! And please join Fix Colorado HOA. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.


Whether you lost tons of money like J.J., or became an HOA pariah, like Teri—or lost sleep over a bullying board—your story is important. The HOA System does ongoing damage to homeowners’ hearts and minds, as it chips away at their autonomy, humanity and ability to form true community. 

Each homeowner who courageously steps forward to share their real name and real pain makes it easier for the next. Please: Share Your Story


Three homeowners created this website (and printed the Faces of Pain booklets) with their own money. They aren’t wealthy. It wasn’t practical. But after this last homeowner protection bill debacle, seeing lawmakers not even go through the motions of fighting, they had to reach out.

To empower Fix Colorado HOA, a contribution is most appreciated. A transparent accounting of all monies spent to date will be supplied immediately upon request. The entire membership of FCHOA will decide how to use the fund: for ads, mailers, even a lobbyist (legislators’ advice)! Add your thoughts, ideas to your sign-up and contribution!

Ways to contribute:

  • Download The first 200 to join FCHOA can download Faces of Pain booklet ($4.99) for free!
  • Contribute to Fix Colorado HOA 
  • Buy 8″ x 10″ Hard copy Faces of Pain booklet for $20 plus $3 Shipping Charge


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